Sunday, February 7, 2016

Favorite Writing Apps Round-Up

Jeffe's over at the Costal Magic Convention this weekend, so I'm sneaking into her room at the bordello to talk about:

Favorite Writing Apps Round-Up: research apps, timers, trackers, composition software, etc.

1) MS Word: For manuscripts and outlines, I use Word. Probably isn't a surprise since .doc/.docx are the most commonly accepted formats for mss deliveries and exchanges. There are other options out there for composition software, and my fellow bordello mates can speak more knowledgeably about them than I. For those interested, Microsoft has switched to a software-subscription model for Office 365 + Cloud Storage. $100/yr.  If you upgrade to Windows 10, they're offering Office for a discount.

2) MS Excel: For tracking All The Things. Submissions, sales, word count, project plans, P&Ls, etc. You've likely guessed by now that I'm an avid, old-school PC user.

3) Dropbox*: For Cloud Storage, I use Dropbox. Set up takes a nonce, and after that no effort to maintain. Every writer will tell you to BACK UP YOUR FILES OFTEN. I have a flash drive and Dropbox. Dropbox has free and paid versions.
*Dropbox uses a Referral Reward program, so if you sign up using the link above, I get more free storage. FYI. 

4) Grammarly--Web & Office: For those days when you're sure every word you've written is spelled wrong. With an extension for most browsers (in addition to beefing up MS Word's spell & grammar checks), Grammarly's free version minimizes IHAZRIGHTER problems. I use the free version; the paid version is more of a student/academic's application.

5) For Promo Images. Okay, it's not technically a writing app, but it is an awesomely simple graphics/design app. I've used it to create this year's Word-Whores header, Pull-Quote Images, social media graphics, newsletter art, etc. It's not intended to replace Photoshop or GIMP. Cost varies from free to $1 per image or template.  I used Canva to make the promo image in this post for LARCOUT.

I don't use timers, blockers, or anything particularly whizbang. I'm looking forward to the tech secrets of my fellow Word-Whores!

~lingers in Jeffe's room~
~tries on all her hats~