Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Linda's DragonCon Top Ten Random Eavedropping List

This is a 10% on-topic post, and a 90% off-topic post.

Here's your 10%:
I retroractively kept a series index after Fatal Circle because I needed to, and have updated the character list religiously ever since. I also created one after the fact and during rewrites for an unrelated large and as yet unpublished novel Ghelvok's Fire during re-writes to help with the world building.

My advice: do this as you go. Scrivener allows for it. USE IT.

DragonCon 2015  Westin 
The 90%:
I am just returned from DragonCon and, as always, I compiled a list of the random snippets of things I heard as I wandered...things that make me laugh.

10.)  **Every answer during our Cards Against Humanity game Monday night.

9.) I'm not going to go into all that detail with just my one thumb.

8.) wanna just get the dwarves and go?

7.) What does a were-shark drive?

6.) I'll totally come and organize your apartment in NYC if you just write-in a part for me. Seriously, I can clean.

5.) You gotta read this so you know I'm not making it up.

4.) It's really overwhelming...what do you do as a lizard person inhabiting a Pangea-like Earth?

3.) You'll hear more euphemisms for the word penis than you've ever known.

2.) Oh, no, no. This part doesn't need batteries at all.

1.) To speak in the common tongue, there are a lot of ratchet-ass hoes at my school.


  1. #9...I totally want to know the conversation that framed that comment.

    Thanks for continuing the annual best quotes; I love these!

  2. Number 8 is classic! And I agree. I would LOVE to know the conversation surrounding number 9!

  3. Ha! Those are great and make me want to go even more!