Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Never say never...

What did I say I wouldn't write about and then did?

Child jeopardy. I'm a terrible hypocrite about this. I mean, I walked out of Face Off in the theater for cryin' out loud.

I just. Can't. Take it.

OK, show me a little shit who deserves it first (cough, cough, Geoffrey, cough) and we're good. Show me an innocent kid--and you're dead to me. You will see my vengeful side. (Stanis died too easily for what he'd done. I won't stop watching the show over it, but they didn't make me watch. Before I heard her screams I knew what was going to happen. I buffered myself. If I hadn't had that chance...I'd have had to leave the room.)

Blood and gore doesn't bother me at all, neither does high speed chases, space battles and /most/ violence. In truth, make me cry over a character and I'll adore you for making me care that much.

Just leave kids alone. I mean it.

I'll leave the theater. I'll throw the book on my bonfire. I'll work very hard to forget what you made me read/see because it hurts in a way I cannot deal with.

Yet in the Persephone Alcmedi series, I put Seph's foster daughter Beverley in danger repeatedly. Putting her in dangerous situations knowing my characters are going to get her out is, for me, key. Also, other than having her get sucked into a ley line, I didn't physically hurt her in life threatening ways. So you can take from this a certainty that she survives. I couldn't do that to her.

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