Friday, July 10, 2015

Late Update from Con

It's a madhouse - Charlton Heston - Planet of the Apes
Funny thing about nerd mecca. The wifi and cell networks are seriously overloaded. You can send a text just fine. Getting a text is another matter. We've seen delays of up to a half hour in delivery. Not useful for 'Meet me by the Cthulhu Film Fest booth' messages. Getting solid wifi that isn't slower than Seattle drivers on the first sunny day in spring is also challenging. However. Here I am. Late and with nothing at all to offer on our topic this week, because I have exactly zero audiobooks.
Sole actor close encounter so far: Alan Tudyk. Don't look him up. Watch this clip for the project he and Nathan Fillion are doing. This was one of those 'out of context' close encounters. I was at lunch, sitting at a table right on the aisle. This means that my brain, slowed by the prospect of noms, failed to connect all the dots quickly enough. No photo. I was too slow on the draw. Also, the dude had suitcase and garment bag in tow. He was desperately trying to get to his hotel room. With a train of die-hard fan boys already on his butt.  His "Not now guys." was far kinder than a couple of hours on an airplane should have allowed. But there you go.
And now. The photos. And then I'm outta here. Have a great weekend!
Zombies in the elevators. The Marriott missed an opportunity. A few of my fellow con-goers and I agreed that they should have canned the usual insipid elevator music in favor of The Walking Dead theme.
This is a mockup of a quarantined LA - promoting the new Fear the Walking Dead series.
A World of Warcraft orc set up to promote the Warcraft movie
I met one of my personal heroes. The Tick. Any superhero who gets to say "Put the moon back, demon waif!" deserves my adoration. Bonus points if you can sing the theme song.
The Walking Dead booth inside the exhibition hall. Those are zombies. Get too close to the black barrier (lower left of photo) and you took your life into your hands.

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  1. Alan was great in Firefly, and he totally killed it in Dollhouse. #Whedonverse

    Patrick Wharburton will always be The Tick to me...I can't not hear his voice whenever I see any manifestation of it.

    Hope you and Laura are having a blast!