Monday, July 6, 2015


Audio books. I love 'em. I've loved them since the first time I listened to one. I love them even more now that some of my books have come out as audio books.

That pretty much sums up my feelings on audio, with the following proviso: I still don't much like the self-publishing notion. I prefer to deal with a publisher who handles all the dirty work for me.

See? This version of the SEVEN FORGES cover? It goes to the audio version of the novel as performed by the amazing David Devries. I recommend it highly. Yes, I am biased.

Go to the amazon page linked above and you can even hear a sample. 


  1. Do you think all books work as audio or just some? I have yet to try an audio book *hides behind my current paperback read*

  2. I really love audio books. I particularly like it if the narrator does more than read, if they capture the personality of the main character(s). If I hadn't already read Seven Forges, I'd love to listen to it on audio! any news on the next book in your series?

  3. I imagine there are a few books where audio wouldn't work well, maybe some that are just too heavy with narration and light on characterization, but I absolutely love em. (and you are forgiven Alexia,.) but I have to say they're a great way to enjoy a walk or mowing the lawn, etc.

  4. Whew! ;)

    I am planning to stop by the library and pick one up, my radio needs a vacation.