Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Couple of Good Reader/Writer Cons in Ohio

1 ----------------

Hosted by: Multiple Alternative Realities CONvention
Columbus, Ohio

Costuming, fandom, writing, books and so much more. A great, fun con.

2 ----------------

CLEVELAND ROCKS Romance Conference
Hosted by: North East Ohio Romance Writer’s Association
Strongsville, Ohio (Cleveland area)

CLEVELAND ROCKS Romance Conference

Very affordable as writing cons go and friendly people, lots of good information. They usually have a few editors/agents in attendance and since this conference is not overwhelming in size, the pros are easily accessible. If you are local and Romance is your thing, check this out.

3 --------------

The other Ohio con I usually attended shut down this year due to inability to resolve differences from within. So I’m going to mention World Fantasy Convention.

WFC is in a different location every year. It is however, the single best convention for writers in the genres of fantasy, sci fi, horror, and all those subcategories that go with them. It is not a cheap con, neither in attendance cost nor hotel, but there are few other opportunities to be among so many authors, agents and editors in the field. Great panels, great attendees. This one is a no-brainer.



  1. Replies
    1. Nope. The 16 year old can never miss another Dragon Con and we do have so much fun there... I know I should be doing more working cons. (:

    2. Me neither - WAY too hard to get to this year!

  2. Have you ever gone to Cincinnati Comic Expo? Been debating...

    1. KAK I have not...sorry. Congrats on the release of LARCOUT!!!!!!!!