Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What isn't asked enough?

For the most part, authors, myself included, when not writing, love to talk about their work, and would rather talk about the actual book, storyline and characters, far more than talk about themselves or their process...or the actors they think should play the lead roles if a movie were made.

I know, I know. But that's fun! (It is. The first twenty times.)

Part of being an author is graciously answering the questions that anyone who's done a blog tour knows are quite standard. I'd wager the interviewers get to a point where they find them a bit stale too.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't complaining--I swear. I will answer (nearly) any interview question, glad that someone was curious to know. What I try to do, especially with blogs, is pick at least one of the usual questions and give it more attention than I did on some other blog. The truth is the truth, and my answer is MY answer, so if given often that answer can understandably feel undazzling. But there's likely someone new to my books and me who will find each interview, so when even the "shiny new" has worn off of certain questions, the best policy is to answer with a smile.

What isn't asked enough, in my opinion, is anything directly about the book. The million dollar question is one that presses deeper and shows the interviewer has actually read the book, "gets" what it is about, and wants to help an author shine for the audience.

This is where the staff at DragonCon excel. They understand what the audience is seeking, as well as what the authors are selling, and they always have genuine questions, think-on-your-feet-questions, and bring out the best in their panels. They understand that we authors have created people and worlds, and this menagerie of imaginary things lives and thrives nowhere except in our own unique minds. At DragonCon, the staff seek questions that mine into the crevices of our stories, and extract nuggets of truth and humor and personality. 

So ask me about my book...then take something from my answer and ask me something deeper.

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