Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Two Paragraph TED Talk

My Two Paragraph TED Talk
Keep Reading, 
The Good Stuff is at the Bottom
by Linda Robertson

A few weeks ago, seeing this blog topic coming, I grew excited. I'd seen a few TED speeches and found then very uplifting and encouraging. My topic options rolled around inside my head. (I think it might have gotten stuck in my allergy-polluted sinuses. Truth, sorry.)

Then life happened. Major Important Stuff At Work (the kind that leaves you grateful to just shut
your mind off when you get home). My mom was, and is, sick. There have been extra errands to do. I'm going to ConCarolina's Thursday (SQUEE and, seriously, you know prepping for a con takes a bit of time and mental real estate). A holiday weekend happened. Yardwork happened.

Excuses all. Valid, but excuses. I wanted to write for this topic. IMHO, I think I can be positive and encouraging. But I prioritized other things and suddenly, here it is. TED day.

Damn it. That's the lesson.


As a mom, as a writer, homeowner, employee, and all those other titles that I juggle, it all functions because of priorities. And gravity and momentum yes, yes, all my titles are fluctuating between me having a firm grasp on them and letting them go hoping they will fly all the while knowing they are just 'falling with style' as Buzz would say.

I sit here at the last minute with a couple of S'mores Oreos (s'moreos??) and a glass of milk, giving you this impromptu and rambling speech because I also have a sense of responsibility.

So here is my TED talk:

Priorities, my dear friends, always seek to pull you from that coveted and comfy seat where your mind has made you the god of a world that exists only on your page, where releasing the words is every bit as necessary as releasing your breath so that you may have another.

Responsibility, to the populace on your page, and to yourself, will always bring you back.



  1. How did I miss the fact that you'll be at Concarolinas?! I'll be there too! Driving in tonight (it's only a 90 minute drive for me). See you there!