Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Minimal Networking

Networking is not my strength.

I like talking to people--old friends and meeting new ones--and I like to think I can be witty, thoughtful, and engaging, but I have trouble initiating conversation with strangers. I'm far better as a respectful tagalong to an outgoing personality. Sidekick. Girl Friday. Assistant du Jour. I just don't need to lead, don't need the spotlight, and tend to be easy going.

So I facebook, I sometimes twitter, and I go to conventions. I'm not one to get involved in chatting folks up on any format. Not even on the phone. Not that I don't want to, I do want to. I guess I prioritize writing and the things here around me before digital interaction. That is surely the reason that I'm sometimes feeling like a wallflower at a con... well that and social anxiety. If I networked better, I'd have a wider scope of folks I know and know of and therefore, it would seem, that conventions would have broader options. It's a cycle.

So learn from me, get out there and network, don't be afraid. And if you see me, say hi and strike up a conversation. I'm good with that. I'll endeavor to do better at striking up conversations myself.

Linda Robertson

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