Wednesday, April 15, 2015


We're discussing Environment as a character this week, and I'm going to divide my post into two points. Protagonist and Antagonist.

For arguments sake, I'm going to assume the protagonist version is a supporting character and not the main character because that is something I did in the Persephone Alcmedi series.

Here's an excerpt from HALLOWED CIRCLE, Chapter Three:

The breeze increased, but didn’t flutter the corn. Only the treetops danced.


The ley line spoke!

The grove’s branches swayed, beckoning me. Then all at once the field was inviting me, stalks undulating, tassels nodding, pennant-like leaves waving me in, encouraging me to step into the row, into the arms of the stalks.

Intrigued, I laid down the sickle and succumbed to the summoning. Immediately the row stilled as the dried
leaves reached high, making an aisle for me, opening as if this procession of one moving toward that seat of power in the grove was a most welcome guest.

My steps, punctuated by the crunching of dead weeds underfoot, released aromas that combined the
smell of harvest: the scents of soil and a field of vegetation left to deteriorate and rot, withering in the wind of ever-cooler days. In the embrace of the stalks, my fingers trailed outward, feeling their dry husks, the texture of the season.

The ley line sent a pulse to acknowledge me. I expected a faint hiccup, like a little gust of wind, but this
was much stronger, like the tremor of a small earthquake under my feet or the bass drum at a rock concert thudding out its rhythm against my chest.

Something was different. Why?

"You are different."

I walked on. Great. The ley line knows I’m stained. Just what I wanted, to feel more like a freak.

In my series, the ley line is Mother Nature and she has power to share...but be careful. She bites.

Instead of talking about Environment as a Antagonist, I'm going to point to some previous posts.
A while back I posted The Happy Side of Villany and Vermin and Volcanoes, Vermin and Vices  where in I discussed JAWS, TWISTER, and ZOMBIES as villains. All three are versions of Mother Nature totally come to kick your ass.

Have a great week and ROCK ON! -Linda

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