Saturday, March 21, 2015

I Have No Good Luck Charms for Writing

And I never have...I just sit down (being seated isn't exactly a ritual, is it?) wherever I am, and I write with whatever tool I have available - pen & paper, I've said before, I'm "superstitious" about my Muse, by which I mean I don't choose to examine my process for how the ideas flow from my subconscious to the paper, because it works really well for me, whatever it is. Not going to mess it up! I have absorbed a lot of craft lessons along the way - show vs. tell, not head hopping, to mention a couple - and I had to work to get those techniques integrated into whatever my internal process may be.

I don't actually believe there's a lovely lady in ancient Greek garb standing by my shoulder whispering the words into my ear LOL.

I do keep all kinds of fun "Egyptiana" on shelves around me - statues and action figures and the like, but they're just for amusement's sake, not to make the writing work. I have  a few science fiction items as well, like my photo of vintage 1930's Flash Gordon, but again, just as wall decor.

I'm with the other Word Whores who said that success is a matter of being prepared, doing the work and a splash of being in the right place at the right time with the right book.

The last word on lucky charms:

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