Saturday, March 14, 2015

Flash Fiction There's Bacon Involved

Ok, our task this week was to write a flash fiction using certain words our Readers gave us (thanks by the way!).

The scene takes place at an unnamed movie studio:

AMANDA: "I'm telling' ya, Sid, this script can't miss. It's got zombies that can only be killed with strips of bacon around their necks. We'll do that  odor-o-rama thing and drive the audiences wild. Everyone loves bacon. And we already got a star attached."

SID: "If you're talking about Sally Sue Silvania, she said she'd do the pic over her dead, gelatinous body, as I recall."

AMANDA considers: "Nah, we need her alive, not playing a zombie. I know she's got a big head about hitting the A List and winning all those awards in that chick flick she did about the delicious cupcake chef. That ain't enough to get her out of the last film she owes us on her contract." (Lowers her voice, moves closer to SID.)  "And I happen to know she has a thing for guys with um hardware. Have you seen that new hunk our boss just signed? If he doesn't have a piercing you-know-where, I'll play the part myself."

Will Sally Sue relent? Does the new guy have a piercing you-know-where? Is there enough bacon to save us all? Will the zombies take over the earth??? Coming to a theater near you in 360 Odor-o-rama SOON!

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