Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Favorable Circumstances

I don't know if I have Mojo, Juju, or Luck.

I know I like coffee with whipped cream on top. I know I like to listen to certain music when I write. I know that my office, where the Star Wars and Star Trek figures and ships, the Gargoyles, and a plethora of the writing related quotes in picture frames are all displayed, that is where I most want to be. All. The. Time. 

I know I have Passion.

Everyone has something they do, something that they take great pleasure in doing, something that is at its core linked directly to their own personal self-satisfaction. I would gladly, gratefully, spend the rest of my days honing what I do, learning more about it every day because writing stories, creating characters dealing with events that mean something, fulfills my need for a sense of purpose.

Is it corny/ignorant/insane to think of writing as spiritual? It's as if the numinous light of That Which is Divine drips this fluid mix of drive and imagination on me--it's not something that I actively will to be, it's something that just is part of me. That creative tap must flow and if I can't use those creative juices to make something, the potential of each drop escapes into the ether. When I use it, it replenishes me. When I waste it, I'm unbalanced, starving for more to restart the cycle of creativity that makes me who I am.

Is writing my religion? Do I worship at the altar of the blank page, where my prayer is the composition of words that tell a story? When I call on my own experiences to craft an emotional scene, is that my confession? Is sharing it with others equal to raising my voice in the choir? 

Re-reading that, it sounds melancholy. It even sounds a bit self-aggrandizing. Please don't misunderstand, I don't mean 'my writing is divine.'

I mean the act of writing is, to me, divine.

I don't need the office toys to write. I don't need the coffee to write. I don't need the inspiring quotes to write. They could all vanish. I'd still write because all I need is the passion.

Its the passion that keeps my butt in the chair. It's the passion that makes me try again and again, write and rewrite, finish and start something new.

Whatever your dream is, you don't need tokens or luck. Find your passion, hone your passion, honor your passion...and you will achieve.

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