Wednesday, March 11, 2015

149 Words of Flash Fiction Fun

Teeth began piercing her skin and she screamed as the zombie tore away flesh and began chewing with the same gregarious fervor her father displayed when relishing a plateful of delicious bacon. On the day the apocalypse began, she knew her life would inevitably end this way--they would all die this way--but she wouldn't have guessed the infectious bite would work so quickly, thickening her blood to a gelatinous goo clotting her veins. She wouldn't have guessed she'd feel pressure building into searing agony as it caused the combustion of internal organs one by one. She wouldn't have guessed she'd live long enough to experience such multitudinous aches. And she wouldn't have guessed that while her killer was yet feasting upon her, she would feel her mind ablaze, humanity burning away, transforming her into the embodiment of a relentless hunger housed in a soulless and rotting body.

Thank you, dear readers, for the six ad-lib words shaping this week's series of flash-fiction:
 zombie, delicious, gelatinous, combustion, piercing, bacon.