Saturday, December 13, 2014

Five of the People I Follow

For some reason I have "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" stuck in my head right now....our topic this week is five people or sites we follow on social media (besides of course the Wonderful Word Whores and all their doings, right?  Because you already Follow us! Amirite peeps?!)

As others have noted earlier in the week, it's hard to pick just five and certainly I'm not trying to create any kind of Top Five list here.

But probably the single site I retweet most would be @io9  This is the twitter account for the wonderful, eclectic io9 blog "We come from the future...a daily publication that covers science, culture and the world of tomorrow".  Always good geeky, scifi, history, science, gaming and assorted other fun articles.

I also retweet  @heausatoday all the time, being my go-to site for interesting posts about romance fiction in all its varied forms (and for full disclosure: the blog for which I write my own SciFi Encounters column).

I love @ThGalaxyExpress to keep me updated on new things in the science fiction romance world (and there's also the Smart Girls Love SciFi blog )

Since I'm on a scifi roll today, let's keep going with author John Scalzi @scalzi

On Facebook, I Share a lot of things from John Ross Barnes (who loves owls) and Pauline Baird Jones ....

OK, that's more than five and on any given day I might give you a different list but it's Saturday and there we are.

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