Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thank You...

Before I say my thanks, let me say this to all of you:

I hope that you and your dearests
are together for the holidays,
that you hug, that you laugh,
and that you give and receive all the love you can.

There are so many people I would and should thank. For the most part, you know who you are and
you know that I am grateful and value what you offered/are offering to my writing path.

Writing is such a solitary act that it's easy to get lost in that lonely chair where your sole company is a white page dotted with your own words. But lately, talking book with my son (#3 of 4) has been refreshing, rewarding, reaffirming, and...the effect has been /mighty/. He has hopes of becoming a writer for video games, and as we talk I find his creativity prods me to look at my own in new ways. Also, he shows me things through a younger-generation lens, things that I have missed being so long in my lonely chair.

So I owe him. In addition to the responsibility I have to him as his mother, I owe him an extra dose of gratitude because those conversations give me back so much. Parents don't always have careers or hobbies that resonate with their children in such a way that the child seeks them out to talk about it. He does, and not only to tell me what he is working on...he asks me often for updates about my writing projects.

I cannot tell you how much that means to me.

And to my other son yet at home (#4 of 4)...who is into writing fan fiction and acting at the moment... he recently did something that made me cry. I have a dry erase board with my WIP outline. And one day I looked at it and realized there was something new on it. A heart drawn in the corner and the words: "Your working hard, keep it up, mom! love you"

That he took the time to scrawl an encouraging message, and was then silent about it (for how long?)...there is no greeting card lovelier than that drawn heart, and there is no fancily written poem that could evoke more from me than those few written words from him.

Showing them that you can do anything you set your mind to, that dreams are attainable with work, isn't just a meme I parrot to them. It is more than a lesson, it is a truth that I am blessed to be living proof of.

So yeah, I write for me...but I have maintained my goals because of them.

I will ever be thankful for my boys. 


  1. Awww, those are great young men you have there.

    1. They are KAK. They really are. Hope you and yours have a lovely, huggie, laughter filled day.