Friday, November 28, 2014

Gratitude in Writing

Writing doesn't happen in a vacuum. If it does, all too often, it isn't much good. Ideas that are challenged grow wings - so long as the challenging is done with respect and love. Any of you who've looked at my books and taking any note of the huge list of acknowledgements in the front. know I thank the same people over and over again. That's for a reason. They're the people I can count on through thick and through thin to talk me down from whichever writing ledge I may be staring down. Fellow Word Whores Jeffe Kennedy and KAK and former Word Whore Carolyn Crane will all give me the straight skinny my stories and/or ideas.

I'm lucky in that I have a local critique group that meets in person. Lisa Wanttaja, Darcy Carson, DeeAnna Galbraith and Melinda Rucker Haynes work their backsides off combing whatever I'm writing to make sure I'm making sense and the stories hold together. The great thing about this group is that it's been meeting since before forever. These ladies know me and my writing. Sometimes, it means they know what I *meant* to say but failed to. Sometimes, it means they can nail me for taking the easy way out of a conflict conundrum. When I can't see the forest or the trees, they're terrific at prodding me out of my rut and help me think differently about what I'm doing.

I have some of the best editors on earth and I am grateful for each and every one of them. Even my copy editors - ask any of my crit partners. I complain about my CEs. I do. And then I get over myself and seriously evaluate everything my copy editors suggest because the entire point is change my brain about how the story went together. It's the old sales technique: If there's a better way to make your point, you'd want to know about, right? Damn it. NO. . . Eh. Yeah. Yeah, I do. But I'm gonna grumble about it! It's all in the name of building a better book.

My family. My parents. My husband. My cats. All of them. These are the people who haven't (and who still don't) kill me for getting lost in my stories. They're now my biggest cheerleaders. My mother would be knocking on your door to hand sell my books to you if she liked to fly more than she does.

But you know what I'm most grateful for? You guys. Readers. Thank you. Seriously, thank you.

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