Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Managing Online Presence

My online presence would probably be considered minimal. I work. I parent. I like sleep. I write. There isn't a lot of time for other stuff.

WEBSITE Though I believe a website is very important, this only gets updated every few months...if there's something newsworthy to add.

I'm here at the bordello every week on Hump Day...unless I have overwhelming life stuff going on and flake out. Sometimes the attempt to muster even one word to add to the topic is a futile endeavor.

My personal blog, has gone untended for a long, long time.

I'm here A LOT. I wouldn't say daily, but its close to that. My love/hate relationship with the big blue fb isn't a secret. Love seeing what my pals and fans are up to. Love the articles I come across that I otherwise wouldn't. Hate the game invites and yes I mean ALL of them. Did I say ALL of them? I meant ALL of them. I don't play games on fb. And I hate the general timesuck that the big blue is...but that's my fault for tuning in.

GOODREADS I visit here occasionally. Usually because someone has messaged me through it. My relationship with Goodreads is kind of like a phone ringing. I answer it...but more often than not its a sales call.

Book recommendations sent me are useless, as are inviting me to online events and all those book requests from foreign countries. I agreed to send one, once. Then learned my lesson. It cost me about twenty dollars to send one book to a blogger in Romania. I'd have to sell more than 32 books to break even. I'm thinking that's very unlikely. And after I sent one, I got dozens of requests from others. I wish I could. Truly.

TWITTER Rarely visit here. Thought it was the thing to do, but this format just doesn't enthrall me much. If I'm posting something here, I'm probably pretty excited about it.

Ditto the above for Pinterest and a handful of other places that I don't remember the names of. When I got a new phone, I didn't even bother downloading the apps I had on the former phone. I've added only fb (no messenger tho), Spotify, weather, calendar and a History channel app. Oh, and the one game I do play: Spider Solitaire.


  1. You can block the game invites on FB, but I think you have to do it on a case by case basis. (As in, someone sends you an invite for the farm thing, and you block all invites for the farm thing.) After a while, the invites disappear - until a new game comes out. At least they did for me, but then again, I don't have that many friends.

    I only use Goodreads to keep track of the books I've read and to help other authors with their pages (which is why I became a librarian - to load self-pubbed friends' books.)

    I feel the same way about Twitter. But I'm trying to use it more. I'm trying to use everything more so I can climb out of my hermit hole and be more 'visible'. We'll see how it goes. It's pretty comfy here in the hermit hole.

  2. I agree! The hermit hole is comfy! The exposure beyond it is bothersome at best (who DOESN'T have a billion other things to do?) and frightening at worst. :)