Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Buried Books

Do I have a terrifying tale of a Horribly Written Novel.

Of course.

I have a drawer full of stories that will not likely ever see the light of day. I peek in there every once in a while, then gaze up at the spines of my paperbacks. It's like those before and after pictures on ever diet-craze ad ever. If I'm ever feeling low about where I'm at...yeah. At least I'm not there anymore. I learned. I improved. I set a goal and I worked my ass off.

I have a lion-man as sensei to a young attractive female. (Surely not inspired by tvs Beauty and the Beast.)

I have another vampire book unrelated to my Seph series...

I have an epic 150,000 word sword and sorcery...

I have 60,000 of an feisty elemental inside a goofy chick and their wild antics and trouble-finding days...

I don't mind these failures. They are badges to show I did my work, learning the building blocks of story. I put my backside in the chair and I wrote. And I wrote and I wrote. Beginning to end, over and over, learning more about the craft each time. 

Eventually, it paid off. :) Yippee!!!