Monday, October 13, 2014

A Clear and Presence Danger

Did you see what I did up there?

It was an intentional mess.

I have an online presence. I have a blogspot, a LiveJournal account and I have a website.I am on Facebook several times a day I'm on Twitter a little less often. I do Goodreads and I do a weekly post here, provided my brain reminds me.  Which it did not last week, and for which I apologize.

Back in the day I did several different bulletin boards, but Facebook has mostly taken their place.

And when I'm asked, I am delighted to do online interviews.

All of them help, I think.

How much varies, but mostly I suspect it varies buy how much effort you're putting into it.

But now why I call it a clear and present danger. It eats time.

Seriously. I can spend all freaking day reading posts on Facebook.

Same problem as always: I have two jobs. Full time writer, full-time barista at Starbucks. I still love my medical benefits and a steady income for when my publishers forget to pay me for a few months.

I try to limit myself to 1 hour a day for all of that stuff. I don;t always succeed, but I try.

Does it have a purpose? Yes. If you're reading this right now, you are either aware of me as a writer or becoming aware of me as a writer. That is the purpose. Heck, some of you might even break down and read one of my books one day as a result of one of these posts.

I can dream, can't I?

It's October!

What's your favorite ghost story (Short story? Movie? Novel?) and why? Just curious, really.


  1. My all time favorite is actually a true story that Jeffe shared with us one year on Here Be Magic that has just *stayed* in my mind ever since. (In the attic though, not in the forefront LOL.) Very spooky stuff.

    1. Ooh - Birdwoman. Right! I'd forgotten about that one. I should have said *her* for the HEA blog!!

  2. Your posts just may entice a reader to wander into your pages and meet some freaky veiled warriors or the scary behemoths they ride, honestly they could be the stuff of nightmares. But my favorite ghost stories are the true ones, exorcist type stuff.

    By the way, excellent picture you chose for your post!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Alexia. Hopefully I'll be starting book three soon. And it will be a DOOZY.
    And I do so love a good creepy picture of a ghost. For a quick, deeply wary read, I recommend Kealan patrick Burke's Turtle Boy.

  4. Hmm...I must go look that up. And, by the way, book three - bring it on!

    1. As soon as I can, dear lady. Two words: Contract negotiations.