Sunday, June 1, 2014

Conventions: Tips, Trolls, & Tactics

#ProTip: Find a way to photobomb every shot with your name and book cover.

Snort. The lovely and delightful Historical Romance author Grace Callaway posted this photo to Facebook. I joined her, Miranda Neville, Maya Rodale, Sara Ramsey, Megan Mulry, Jennifer Lohmann, and Anne Calhoun for tea at the Napoleon House after the Ginormous Book Signing at the RT Booklovers Convention. Which is why I was carrying my big book cover poster around. Imagine my reaction when I saw Grace had tagged me on Facebook with this delightful photo - and there's my cover and name, practically front and center. 

I can't believe she didn't crop out the damn thing. I'm torn between chagrin and delight.

Don't try this at home, people.

Trolls: Don't feed them. 

Okay, we know this, right? Yes, they're out there and they're hungry. The only reason people behave badly is because they crave that attention. Usually they live under bridges, bothering nobody, but conventions bring them out of hiding and they go foraging. Don't give them anything to eat. That means if they're insulting, don't act offended. If they're mean, don't give them your pain. If they argue, agree and walk away. If they demand something, walk away. 

Don't feed the trolls.

Tactics: Jeffe's Top 3

1 - Go to conventions you think you'll enjoy. If you're not having fun, none of the rest of it is worth it.

2 - The main reason to go to conventions is to talk to people. The only thing I plan ahead any more is social engagements. Every opportunity to spend time talking to people takes priority over the rest.

3 - Forget about Return on Investment (ROI). The greatest returns of going to conventions have no dollar value and cannot be calculated on a material scale. Quit that.


  1. 100% agree with your tactics. The relationships I've started at conventions, or strengthened after meeting people in person!, are by FAR the biggest payoff for me in terms of what I get out of these trips. Way more valuable than anything I can learn in a workshop.

    Except for a Courtney Milan workshop maybe. :) She's the bomb.