Saturday, May 10, 2014

Experiments What Can Go Wrong?

 When the word experiment is mentioned to me, I either think of the time I nearly blew up the high school science lab by mixing two things that apparently are never supposed to be put in the same beaker (could I have been focusing on the cute lab assistant rather than the details of the instructions? Well duh.) Not a good memory all in all, so we'll move along...

Then there are experiments in science fiction movies about which someone invariably says "what can possibly go wrong?" and then lots of stuff does. Creating the Cylons, SkyNet and giant dinosaurs would be among the first things to come to my mind, for example. But it makes for good entertainment while popcorn is consumed.

One of my favorite old movies is "My Science Project" (I personally hated science projects) from 1985. Here's the original trailer, with apologies for the quality:

Cute guy, fast car, comic relief, love's first kiss - what's not to like?

Much better than the other 1985 flick "Weird Science" IMHO.

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  1. From my heart and from my hand why don't people understand?