Thursday, February 6, 2014

So Pretentious. Much red.

by Allison Pang

I've been battling the flu the last few days so forgive me if I sound a little out of it. On the other hand, being sick means I've been eating a lot of citrus fruit to help stave off anything worse. Which brings me to the topic at hand:

Blood Oranges.

See what I did there?

To be honest, I'm only eating the normal sorts of oranges, but I will say there has been an up tick about the shade of this particular color of fruit due to this clip of Project Runway on You Tube:

And then Tumblr exploded with the Blood Orange Meme.

I could go on. 

And on. 

But I'm sick, so I won't. However, as funny as as the meme is, yes there is a difference in actual red vs blood orange, but I'm just doing my part to spread amusement. 

On a different note - how good are YOU at distinguishing color? Try this test out and see what your score is:

I did score a perfect, but I've got years of sewing experience - ask anyone who sews how much fun it is to separate thread colors that have shades like: Bright Red, Orange Red, Dark Orange Red, Light Red Orange,  Very Light Red, Peach, Crimson - all for the same project. >_<

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