Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cancer, the Crab

Since my cohorts seem to be focusing on the ailing side of the term cancer, and since cancer in its
illness form is depressing, and since I've known several people with it and I don't want to cry thinking about them...I'm gonna break it up by going to the zodiac for my post's inspiration.

I've known a few cancers. Those with birthdays between June 22 and July 22. Below is a generalization; I realize that personalities are not so simple or stereotyped as the usual statements used with basic zodiac signs. For the sake of argument, I have shown 4 random good and bad statements (taken from the link at the bottom). Then I give my agreement with the statement, in percentage form, based on the cancers I've known.

1.) The positive Cancerian is gentle, kind-hearted, romantic and sensitive. 
2.) You have a wonderful imagination and you might express your creativity through music, poetry and/or art. 
3.) You have an excellent memory with an interest in all things that are old and ancient. 
4.) You might delve into your family history and are interested in culture through the Ages.

My experience with cancer's I have known tells me I agree with these statements:
1.) 75%
2.) 100%
3.) 50%
4.) 25%

1.) You might imagine problems are bigger than they actually are and worry drives you into your protective shell as a means of preventing you from getting hurt any further. This is when you will refuse to open up to other people as you withdraw more into yourself.
2.) The negative Cancerian is so ruled by emotions that the mood changes you go through will confuse those around you. 
3.) You find it hard to take advice or criticism and you will react in a strongly defensive way.
4.) One moment you might seem creative and inspired but the next, if someone says something to upset you, you will react with a few critical comments of your own.

My experience with cancer's I have known tells me I agree with these statements:
1.) 100%
2.) 75%
3.) 100%
4.) 75%

What do you think? Have you known--or are you--a cancer? Do you agree with the statements? Why or why not?


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