Monday, February 10, 2014

Bury(ing) the Word

Bury is a word I like.
It has so many implications, doesn't it?
You can bury your guilt. You can bury a corpse. You can bury the truth.
The basic notion is simple enough: you dig a hole and you lay something to rest within that hole and from there the situation has resolved itself.
Unless of course whatever you have buried decides to dig itself out.
In my very first published solo novel, Werewolf: Hell-Storm, I started the book off with a few mob types watching a man dig his own grave in the Las Vegas desert. So I have a certain affection for buried things.
The question here, as far as my mind goes, is how far down do you have to bury something before it stays where you left it?
And how can you ever be certain unless you go back and double check?

Currently I'm preparing to be buried under snow. It's been that sort of winter, hasn't it?

And, of course, I have to brag: Below please find the cover for my latest forthcoming work, the sequel to SEVEN FORGES, THE BLASTED LANDS. 

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