Saturday, January 11, 2014

Annnnd ACTION!

In my house, the word action has become permanently attached to the word "figure". As in Star Wars, He-Man, She-Ra, TMNT, Avengers, Transformers, Jurassic get the idea. So that was my first inspiration when the topic came up on the blog's Calendar....

It's not a bad analogy for my writing, although none of my characters has super powers (well, other than the Egyptian gods of course) but they do get involved in a lot of adventure during the course of a book, with much opportunity for taking action. Then my Muse kind of sits back, dusts her hands and says, ok, Author take care of writing this.  Um ok. I really struggled with it in my earlier drafts of my earlier books, veering from making the fight scenes too simple to attempting to describe every back and forth of the blades, blasters or whathaveyou.  I read a few books and blogs on writing fight scenes. I talked to friends who are actors. I studied some of my favorite fight scenes in the movies...

And my daughter, who's reading over my shoulder, insisted I include this one of her favorites:

And of course, when it comes to more modern forms of action and warfare:

So that's probably more than enough action of all types for one blog!