Saturday, January 18, 2014


Sometimes it isn't good to be the Seventh Word Whore (although like the Seventh Seal, it does convey sekrit powerz I'll never reveal to my fellow Whores. Wait, no, kidding!). This week's word, adz, has been kind of a challenge for everyone and while I've admired the various approaches my friends took to writing a decent blog post about an ancient weapon/tool that's mostly a cool Scrabble word nowadays (although I guess we could wield adzes again in the zombie apocalypse)....not much left for me. Someone even talked about the adz in Ancient Egypt, which is my usual refuge when pushed to find a cool angle.

Say didja see they identified a new pharaoh this week, from the exact era in which I set my Tales of the Gods novels???? Now that was fun and exciting and they're hoping to find his queen and the members of his Court...well ok, I'm sure someone in his time used adzes.

I went searching for synonyms for adz, which is another thing I sometimes try. Here's what I got. Google appeared somewhat puzzled as to what online ads to serve up to me as enticements around my search results.
So ads for a Fiat car, modem protection, the northern lights....learn English - I enjoyed that one! I was bemused by the snippet provided about legsies (my legs are never suntanned - Irish descent here, pale skin and freckles although very shapely, I assure you)...and I knew about inked...

When you've confounded the all powerful big data Google online ad generator, it's time to stop. Take that, Skynet!

(Please, someone tell me next week's word is a bit more versatile!)

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