Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Linda's 2013 Top 5 Reads

Yule is three days away, and it's a mere week til Christmas. Are you ready for whatever holiday you and yours joyously celebrate this time of year? I'm soooo not ready. But I have good reason. Part time jobs 1 and 2. (I know, WAH! right?) Seasonal baking that MUST be done. (Chocolate, KAK. Did you hear me? DELICIOUS, SCRUMPTIOUS chocolate and it's mine mine mine!!) Band rehearsals and new set list. (We are playing at the Mansfield, Ohio Liederkranz New Years' Eve Party. Doors open at 6:30. Come see us, but tickets are going fast--and why not? Veiner Schnitzel Dinner at 7:00, open bar, champagne toast at midnight, four great rockin' bands.... If you're in the area, come and see us!!) Oh...and I've been working on a shiny new chapter seven which is now up at  (It's smutty. You've been warned.)

Linda's Top 5 Reads for 2013

5.) EDGE, The Loner     George G. Gilman

Why? Because sometimes the only that works is a good old western and Gunsmoke isn't on. Touted as 'a new kind of western hero,' let me tell you, Edge is definitely an anti-hero. I was struck by the fact that the cover had a seal on it that claimed this was the first book of 'a violent new series.' Not sure such a thing would be part of the advertising campaign nowadays. It was originally printed in 1972.

4.) SHATNER RULES     William Shatner (with Chris Regan)
Why? Because of little things like:

Both Charleton Heston and William Shatner served as Bacchus King at Mardi Gras. Only one of them had the courage to go pantsless.

Chapter 24: RULE: 
Settle for Second Billing Only If the Top-Billed Act Can Beat You Up
sign says:

Reserved for: 

Why? a.) I'm a big fan of ANCIENT ALIENS. b.) I was truly saddened by Philip's untimely death. c.) This kind of information makes my creative wheels crank! 

2.) THE FIRE IN FICTION   Donald Maass
Why? a.) He's my agent. b.) This book is amazing.

1.) SEVEN FORGES    James A. Moore
Why? a.) He's a Word-Whore. b.) It's be the only fiction that found my hands AND was good enough that I actually finished it in a matter of a few days, which is pretty amazing for me. That says A LOT.


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