Tuesday, December 24, 2013

2013 Influences Old & New

2013 - the year I "finished" the novel that took me as long to write as LOTR took Tolkien (~bangs head on wall~), which meant I finally gave myself permission to focus on other stories patiently waiting for revisions. It's been refreshing to apply the assorted lessons I've learned since crafting some of these initial drafts.

In the year of endings and rebirths, the three greatest influences on my writing were:

  1. TV Pilot Episodes -- Man, I loves me some NETFLIX. I watched pilot episodes of series that made it past the 100-Eps mark; those that weren't great broadcasting hits but have a hard-core cult following (hello Firefly); and those that fizzled before completing a full season. Since I struggle with the openings of my novels, it's great fun to dissect the beginnings of on-screen stories. 
  2. Mythology -- This year I brushed up on the faith, mysteries, and magic of my roots. Next year, I'll move east a bit and study Russian mythologies.
  3. World News -- Regimes of established and blossoming nations that have fallen, risen, and morphed over the year are mind-boggling. The actions of the masses, the decisions of the few, and the inactions of the many resulted in monumental change ... and supplied great fodder for the imagination.
There you have it, dear readers, some things old and some things new added to my fictional brew. (Okay, okay, I'll stop with the bad poetry.)

For those who celebrate it, Merry Gluttony on Xmas Eve!

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