Friday, September 27, 2013

Turning the Spotlight Upon You

Today, gentle visitors, it is your turn to step beneath the spot light of inquiry that I might ask questions of you. Wait. Take this scarlet feather boa. Flip it around your shoulders. It imparts confidence and a certain air of elegance to the proceedings. Ah, yes. You look marvelous. That shade becomes you. May I offer you a drink? No? Forgive me. I wrongly assumed that everyone wanted to be plied with compliments and intoxicants before they'd part with the knowledge I seek.
<Clears throat>
Very well. What I want to know is this:
Series or stand alone books?
If I may be permitted a second question, may I ask why you prefer one to another? What about the other category - the one you did not prefer - do you dislike?
Oh dear. I apologize. That was three questions. I got so caught up in the role reversal. . .


  1. I like both, but I have to confess in series I sometimes do get a bit tired of the ungoing relationship blah, where the heroine is unable to chose between two or more love interests.

  2. I like both, but prefer series. Trilogies are fabulous because you know there will be a conclusion soon. I think most series should go about 5 books, unless there many fresh avenues to explore. Stand alones are a tough one. If I adore the characters and world building then I am devastated there won't be anymore. I think stand alone's are great for horror, adventure, mysteries... books with no romantic element. where the solving of a puzzle is involved. If there is romance or character relationship elements then I want more.

  3. Books. Love them.
    Oh, you wanted specifics. :) I love a good stand alone. Sometimes you don't have the time and emotional energy to get sucked into a series and you just want a good read for that plane trip/vacation/business trip what-have-you. But I adore a good series. For me the longer the better, and when I can have a series to sit and read straight through it is like having one really long book. Though the series that reach double digits tend to get worn out.