Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bordello Challenge- "Mirage"

This week on Word Whores, we're posing the Bordello Challenge. Last week, we all asked our readers to post three words for us to riff off in a flash (or short, for James the Loquacious and KAK the Convoluted) fiction piece. I've collected those words from the comments on each post and randomly selected from each. Then each Whore receives his or her words no sooner than 24 hours before their post is due.

(Word-Whores - there is a Facebook message for all of you, explaining the rules.)

My words?


So, lets' play!


She had an aura about her, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe when she started to burn through at the edges. Still beautiful, despite the lines of disappointment around her mouth, she performed her role just well enough to ensure her professional reputation, but never beyond. She'd stopped reaching for more.

Who could blame her?

In her early movies, she'd been like a spring of sensuality. As much as the critics raved over her flawless complexion, her skin glowed from the sensuality within. Once I spoke to her and she smiled at me, with the easy generosity of a person with more vitality than they know what to do with. I soaked her in, as if I stood near a waterfall in the desert, my skin starving for her cooling, life-giving mist.

But, like all careless people, she gave too much away. Time and again, they came to her with their empty lives and hollow hearts, asking to be filled - and she indulged them all, never realizing they would drain her dry.

These days, they blamed her for it. For losing what made her magical.

For leaving us parched and alone.



  1. Replies
    1. thank you! now she's kind of bugging me...

  2. Poignant! You set a high bar for the rest of us this week :-) And I can totally see you writing more about this character LOL.

    1. lol - thank you! But I'm sure you all will do amazing stuff. She *did* kind of spring to life in my head though... :D

  3. HAhaha! Now you can't turn it off :)

  4. Dayam! All that awesomeness in under 200 words. I can totally imagine this character making an appearance in one of your books!

    -- KAK the Convoluted

    1. She really came to life fast, didn't she? She may yet turn up! Thanks.

      And I'm totally getting you a t-shirt that says that.