Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Winning & Spinning


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As in your tires. You know, that time period when you're willing to go to some spontaneous destination or a prearranged liaison, but you're stuck in the mire and going nowhere...

Historically speaking, the summer is my least productive time. The kids are out of school, underfoot, wanting to be fed, taken here and there, and generally in my vicinity waaaay more than during the school months. Their distraction lies in their presence, sure, and in the residual effects of their presence. Their noise, most predominantly. I cannot deny that having them in the house means my 'mommy radar' in switched on. It isn't so easy to turn off that part of me which is attuned to them, constantly on alert in the back of my mind, ready should there be an occurrence of some sound outside the norm for a houseful of rambunctious boys.

That's the answer for the question with a seasonal slant. Regardless of the time of year, however, if  I'm unhappy, sad, down on myself for something, there will be no writing. If my heart is broken, there will be no writing. Emotions drain all the gas from the tank on my writing engine. If I'm happy...I'm writing, which makes me happier. Nice cycle that. But if I'm upset, and I'm not writing, then that starts a bad cycle which I have to break out of quickly or it will take much force and/or self coercion to get back into that habit.

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