Saturday, June 1, 2013

Equal Opportunity Rewarder

When I was growing up, it was always impossible to get my Dad anything for his birthday or Christmas because if he wanted something, he bought it. I'm kinda the same way, probably as a result of being Head of the Household, earning all the money as a single mother for a long time, ever since I was widowed when the children were three and five.

Which is to say that I am very good at "rewarding" myself with virtually NO reason LOL. I don't tend to wait around for a significant event to happen. (Have I ever mentioned my lack of patience and inability to deal with delayed gratification?) I LOVE writing and the sheer act of creating my stories is a reward in and of itself in my head, fortunately for me...but  - and Major SQUEE Warning - sometimes there's something that just makes me so happy and deserves special note (i.e. "reward") - and WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM recently made #26 on Amazon Paid Kindle Science Fiction Adventure Best Seller List. WHEE!!!!

So today I went out with my best friend and bought two rose bushes. I know, you really ought not to buy rose bushes in the middle of summer. I missed the bare root buying season though and for the past five years I've really regretted losing my rose garden, ever since selling the formerly family home. I adore my rented condo and I have this terrific little private, today, in direct honor of the Amazon excitement, I bought a Peace and an "I Don't Know What It Is My Friend Threw the Tag Away" but wow, it smells good. I have two requirements for roses - strong scent and a good stem, so I can have them in vases. Double Delight and Paradise are my  favorites so maybe this coming bare root rose season, I'll add them to the mini garden. Roses and iris are the two flowers I can grow.

Other things I have rewarded myself with in the past are fabulous fashion earrings, like these vintage Elizabeth Taylor for Avon beauties from the
Cleopatra (movie) era....

And certain pieces of Lenox, like this Carousel Tiger that I craved for years. (Yes, yes as a matter of fact I do have a lot of dusty knickknacks in my house - did you have a point?)

So that's the story of me and rewards!


  1. I *love* that you bought roses to celebrate the Amazon ranking! You go, girl!!

  2. Thank you! Already plotting what reward I should get for the next milestone (whatever that may be!)

  3. Reading that made me smell the roses, mmm. Nice choice!