Friday, April 5, 2013

Those Who Haven't, Dispense Advise

I have precious little to offer in the way of self-publishing advice. I've not yet done it. I'd like to try. Just hasn't happened yet. So, if brevity is the soul of wit, my IQ will rise ten points with this post.

1. - Amazon's print arm, in case you want to print that masterpiece as well as put it up in all the different e-formats.
2. - a tutorial and guide for all things xhtml - the new standard for tagging content. Which is not to say I recommend tagging your own stuff. Plenty of services will do the job for you - for a fee. However, I argue that there's value in knowing at least a little bit of tagging language so that after the fact, if a reader reports a formatting error in your online book, you can dive in, do the repair and surface again without having to spend yet more money. Maybe it's a me thing.
3. - read The Business Rusch specifically, because everything you ever wanted to know about self publishing (and then some) is there. She even has links to freelance editors and cover artists in several of her business posts. Her book The Freelancer's Survival Guide is also excellent stuff.

As for me? When I get around to doing the self-publishing experiment, I plan to beg for a bit of handholding from those who've gone before me, and I intend to begin small - with short stories and novellas so I can make my mistakes and do my learning in manageable chunks. And I will undoubtedly make plenty of use of this:

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  1. Gotta love the for Dummies books. I bought Siberian Huskies for Dummies before I got my dog...I felt like it taught me how to be the best dog trainer ever!
    And then I got my husky, and he taught me that I didn't know squat and that being the alpha really meant being the alpha....all...the...time. Now he follows me around and is the perfect friend, when I am writing he lays right behind my chair.