Friday, April 26, 2013

Justifying Procrastination

GAH! I nearly missed doing my post at all this week. NOT because of procrastination. Because, for freaking once, I am not engaged in some lame displacement activity. I'm finishing a book. That's due Tuesday. And that has no ending. Yet.

But I'm writing. All day long. Bashing my brain against the intractable 'why isn't this scene working' questions, and listening to the characters whispering when I finally collapse in exhaustion at night. For the record, they now shower with me, too, and I've taken to carrying a sticky pad and a pen in my shower bag to catch what they say the second I have a towel wrapped around me.

However. It's possible I'm in this position because of previous procrastination. My favorite? Pseudo-science on TV. Real science on TV. Anything that *could* be true and that would be 100% freaky if it were. Yes. I'm talking mega-tsunamis, conspiracy theories and 'the aliens are among us' diatribes. Ghosts, assorted monsters, Atlantis - it's all great procrastination stuff.

Two reasons for that.
1. I can turn it on and do the dishes while it plays - I 'learn' something AND get chores done at the same time. That's efficient, right?
2. All of these shows are fuel for the fiction fire.

See? Totally justifiable. Now. If you'll excuse the lack of eye candy and the tardiness of this post, some characters are summoning me back between the sheets. Of virtual paper.


  1. TOTALLY justifiable in my book, well said! Now back to the mega tsunami caused by aliens who also destroyed Atlantis...

    1. I am so going to work that into a story...

  2. LOL - your comment was so funny, I forgot mine, Veronica! Keep at it, M. You can dooo eeet!

  3. Gasp, book due soon?!
    Oh wait....Tuesday. Plenty of time, Monday night will be soon enough. ;)