Monday, April 8, 2013


The fact of the matter is, the world is changing. Part of the change is simply that, barring a sudden loss of all electrical power, the e-book is here to stay. I have to be honest and say it happened a lot faster than I expected. That’s okay, I like being surprised.

The thing about it is, there’s still a lot of room for change in all of this. Despite never really looking heavily into the e-pub aspect of this field, I have already dealt with several publishers. From Penguin to Necon Ebooks, they all have their strong points and their weaknesses. But for this particular piece I’ll be telling you a little bit about DarkFuse Publications.

DarkFuse is the latest incarnation of a company (or two) that has been around for a while in different incarnations. Run by Shane Staley and a few others, they do an excellent job of sending out review copies of the books, making sure that it goes out in multiple formats and to virtually all of the major sites where you can download your favorite books.

There are different aspects of any contract, of course. I can’t say exactly what everyone gets for their royalties, but the split is equitable and the folks at DarkFuse handle layout, editing, cover art and all of the other things that every publisher worth their salt handles. They also do it, and this is so very important, without  expecting the money to come from the writer. Seriously, there are a few companies that expect that. It’s tantamount to dealing with a vanity press.

Payments are done on a quarterly basis and the accounting is handled by a firm that does, gasp, accounting.  There has never been a situation where I waited more than a week after I received a notification of royalties coming my way before I received the actual royalties. The payments come via PayPal, and are deposited promptly.

As far as epublishers go, they don’t get much better in my opinion.

All of the information, including on how to submit to DarkFuse, can be found here:
One warning, they deal mostly with dark fiction, thus the name.

By the by, if you're going about this with a new manuscript, I'm STILL gonna say go legacy printer and deal with the fact that they'll want the electronic rights as part of the bargain. Then again, I'm sort of a curmudgeoun along those lines. You've probably already noticed. 
James A. Moore


  1. You grumble about epubing your own book??? Nahhh...


  2. Lexi, I'm a curmudgeon. I grumble about everything. :)

  3. Ha! I will remember that James.