Monday, March 11, 2013

Share my ideas? Are you CRAZY?

What a fascinating subject this is for me. When should I share my stories? My ideas?

The picture above tells you what my id has to say about that notion. I'm inherently greedy when it comes to my ideas. Not because I think someone will steal them, but because for me the ideas often lose their power once I've shared them.

For the longest time I had no idea what to say to anyone about what I was working on. Eventually I learned to compromise with my inner-Smeagol. I learned the art of the fast-pitch. I would share what a book was a bout in the form of a teaser:


Puberty and monsters and whether or not there's a difference.

What's SERENITY FALLS about?

Well, it's a trilogy about a three-hundred year old curse coming to fruition.

If anyone wanted to know after that, I could normally give a little more without confusing myself and my muse too much. Trust me on this: confused muses cause endless grief.

I've gotten better in time. Honest I have. I no longer have to force the words from my mouth when someone asks what I'm working on. I usually have a quick answer ready when I'm asked.

What am I working on? The sequel to SEVEN FORGES. What's it about? A war between humans and something that was human once. Also I'm working on a top secret project, a werewolf short story, the sequel to Bloodstained Oz, called Bloodstained Neverland, and a few other short stories due out by the end of the year. No, I can't talk about the secret project. That's why it's secret.

I can tell a little something, but more than that and I start to hem and haw. I suppose you could say I'm like a greedy cook. I don;t want anyone to taste what I'm cooking until it's basically finished.

Unless I have to write a proposal, which is its own special kind of hell.

Keep smiling,

James A. Moore


  1. "Puberty and monsters and whether or not there's a difference."

    Love this. ~wanders off to go find Under the Overtree~

  2. Sharing burns us, preciousssss.

    I'm exactly the same way - I have a very hard time sharing stuff until it's mostly done. Like you said - I lose interest once I know what's going to happen. >_<

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