Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Phenomenal Word Count Powers...

by Linda Robertson

Phenomenal Cosmic Word Count Powers....

...itty bitty time for a life.

I agree with pretty much all my fellow word-whores have given as advice this week. Setting priorities, breaking a contract down into daily word count goals with built-in time for revision at the end, and days where you're just off and not writing here and there. It's a very mature and professional manner of approaching the writing job.

It all means you're working. Your butt is in the chair. The magic of your creative mind is coalescing there on the screen-page.

But what if you do not have a contract?

The priority can seem less important. SEEM is the prime word of interest there.

Truth is: Life happens. There's work, there's parent-teacher conferences, the car is in the shop and you have to wait for the mechanic to get it done and bring the car to your workplace which threatens your chances to arrive on-time at the conference, and one of your best pals and her husband end up in the hospital...

That was truly my Tuesday.

Yeah. Not a single word on the WIP. But I wrote my blog. (hee hee... :-) )

Hell, major remodeling, shifting nearly everyone's life inside the house and painting, painting, painting, has kept me from being creative for a few weeks. It hurts. If you're a writer who goes off daily to play in your personal version of never-never land, you know how not being there can feel like you've missed something, that somehow you were transported to this "real world" without a Tardis or a Doctor to return you to the world you love...

Don't beat yourself up over it. BUT...Don't let it be the excuse, either. Attend to life. And get your ass back in the chair. No one but you can make it happen.

All I can say that perhaps hasn't been said already is that when you find yourself in the ring (why is a square boxing/wrestling area called a ring?) and you assess your opponent, Life, this hulking figure that seems to fill the space leaving you no room to move, no space to make your stand and take a swing, you have to fight. Fight for that time to write. Fight to follow the advice the other word-whores have provided. Fight to put/keep your butt in the chair with your blessed creativity flowing all over the scene, dripping in every paragraph. If you're a writer, that fight is worth every ounce of sweat and every sore muscle, because the reward of the finished story--of that whole new world that is yours--is more valuable to you than almost anything else.

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