Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Oy, You Lucky Jockstrap Bastards!

I fell out when this topic hit our programming list, not because it's about luck. Rather, because the word jockstrap was involved and I maxed my maturity at age thirteen. I can't escape the image of a writer huddled over his computer with a cup on his crown and the leg straps looped under his chin.

~waits for the image to sink in~

You're welcome. 

Now, do I believe in luck? I believe in the existence of Karma, the Cosmic Boomerang, and the Collective Subconscious. I also believe in the Powers That Be.

I am prostrate to those powers from the moment I hit "Send."

Writing the story is about creativity and hard work. That's all me. My responsibility. My sphere of influence. My realm of control. When the story flies into the world, its fate is no longer mine to dictate. That's the time I call on every bit of extra help I can.

Glee, Sam, & An Episode I Missed

Meditations & Affirmations. 
Completing Circles & Twining Threads.

The exact things I do are personal and vary based on what my connected conscious suggests. Overall, I try not to nag because I don't like to be nagged (see Cosmic Boomerang, above).

Whichever ritual I do, none of them have involved a jockstrap.

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