Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Just Try To Shut Me Up

When I have a new book idea, I have some close friends I blab to, who either are A.) authors themselves, B.) beta readers, i.e. folks who totally understand authors, or C.) have learned to put with me via years of experience.

Some of my blog compatriots feel the telling/sharing of their ideas burns out the fire of the idea. I understand that completely, but it doesn't work that way for me. The more I tell said idea to the trusted folks who "get" me, and the more I see they are digging this new's like they have super soakers filled with gasoline which they squirt on a fire already not in danger of going out.

 (NOTE: DO NOT put flammable fluids in water guns, kiddies. It will be a disaster. BAD THING.)

The more I tell the idea, though, the more depth evolves into the character and events, the more creative the plot gets, the more entwined the threads of the character arcs become, and the more I get excited about the project.

It's a good day to go to work when you have an idea you're excited about. It's a blessing when your esteemed cohorts think so too. It's also totally acceptable to celebrate this with ice cream. And Kahlua.

That said, disregard any and all cliquish overtones with the folks who are in the know of your special creative to-be-written masterpiece; a write must have minions, beta readers, and friends...this is normal. But you must also know when to keep your mouth shut.

With the recent release of my sixth book in the Persephone Alcmedi series, SHATTERED CIRCLE, I did a blog tour and was often asked, "What's next for you?" My standard answer: "Currently, I have a super-secret sneaky project that I am working on with a collaborator."

That's all I've said publicly about it. That's all I will say about it until we have completed it and shipped it off to the agents concerned. That's just good business, and a wise choice as I see it. No need to hype something that may hit major snags later on, and no need to jinx it by touting, "it's the next big thing."

So remember: it's a business. Do your work, beware backstabbers, and make wise choices. When you do all that, all that's left is to kick back and enjoy. :)   --Linda


  1. Oh yes, beware too much yakking about The Story to Be. It's truly a case of quality minions versus quantity hordes.

    ~grabs ice cream and kahlua...and two spoons~

    1. Don't let her, Linda! She wouldn't share her damn chocolate!

    2. FYI I will wrestle over the ice cream and kahlua... LOL