Wednesday, September 5, 2012


by Linda Robertson

I'm really excited about our recent focus here on the craft and business of writing.


I'm sure my rebellion against staying on topic really won't surprise anyone or cause them to come after me with pitchforks and torches.

This past weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of attending my 4th DragonCon. I got to hang a bit with fellow Word-Whore James R Tuck and his lovely wife, dress up in costumes, and drink a $13.oo bucket of Voodoo Juice. I even got stood up by various cabs that never showed up, and walked and walked, and I even did some walking. Funny the things one hears, roaming the vast crowded spaces of this huge con. Of course things I heard getting to and from the con were fair game for the list, too.

Every year, I have come back and shared my:


But this year was so busy, I only collected NINE that were worthy...
I hope you see the (mostly dirty) humor that I did.

9.) "Now my guildies can ride me."

8.) "If you touch his butt, you'll see his real smile."

7.) "Three hundred plus bucks for a utilikilt? Now I know where the leprechauns get their pots of gold."

6.) "Did I just whinny in the airport?"

5.) Person 1: Points at trash outside hotel room door. "Looks like someone had a party last night."
     Person 2: "I bet that transvestite was involved."

4.) Person 1: "I think the otherday I wasn't here."
     Person 2: "Dude. You're not here now."

3.) "I need a tricycle. NOW!!!"

2.) "I want a big one that isn't too greasy."

1.) "What happens in Vegas, may stay in Vegas, but what happens at DragonCon will stay with you until you've completed the prescription."


  1. heehee, it was great meeting you and James. Trying to write up all the interviews and posts. Got some great pictures. Especially the one where you shot me!

  2. Y'all should have been there. Linda joined my reading time where she read a Nana short story and TOTALLY ROCKED THE HOUSE!

    It was awesome.