Saturday, September 8, 2012

My vastly superior pet psychic

Apparently I was clueless coming up as a writer…I never even knew fanfic existed! I sort of wish I had – I think I would’ve enjoyed writing it. Especially TV show fan fic.

I used to be really into soap operas, and I dreamed of going to New York and becoming a writer for one (AMC or OLTL) because I had lots of big ideas for what new things the characters could do. In hindsight, I see that was very fanficky of me.

But, being so ignorant about fanfic—I’ve never even been out on a site for it—I feel weird giving an opinion, even if it’s our topic of the week.

Sometimes in situations like this, I appeal to guiding rules I’ve developed. One of my personal rules is, all self-expression and creative expression is good and should be nurtured (with obvious exceptions for people like Ed Gein).

There you have it!!! Check it out, even ignorance can’t keep me from giving an opinion!!

I totally just typed a bunch of blather and deleted it. A rambling bunch of blather about how you should not try to pass it off as something it’s not, but why am I somehow not annoyed with E.L. James.

I’m just laughing at myself. Why do I try to give opinions when I don’t know anything about a subject? I suppose for the same reason I recommend my dentist when I am in no way an expert on dentistry. Or my vet or pet psychic. But, I do think my dentist is superior. And my vet. I don't actually have a pet psychic, but if I did, I am sure I would think mine is the best. 

I have been having trouble lately with waking up in the middle of the night with a realization about my book and then forgetting it. Last night I found a pen and wrote this on my hand in the dark. It looks a little insane, but  I wasn’t sure if the pen was working. It’s meant to remind me to make much ado about a certain character’s gratitude, and I’m going to go do that now!!

I want to greet everybody who came over here. If you want to read actual informed and coherent opinions on fan fiction, from people who have at least been to fan fiction sites, do scroll down! I hope you have a nice Saturday. 


  1. ATGR for the win!

    And I love the word "fanficky." If you're picky about your fanfic, are you fanfinicky?

  2. lol, I've written ideas down in the dark so I wouldn't wake up my husband. Usually I can decipher what I wrote