Wednesday, August 22, 2012

That Voo Doo That We Do

by Linda Robertson

Happy Wednesday from your Hump Day Word-Whore! I'm on a count-down to DRAGON CON and I'm giddy with excitement about the BEST CON EVAH!!!!

But I have to focus for just a bit and write a bad ass post for y'all about books about writing.

Now, I have made no secret of my favorite book on the topic. I've mentioned it here in the past. I've even got a handy-picture of it ready.


It's soooo cool, it even has a companion...I mean, a WORKBOOK.

It's Writing the Breakout Novel by the well-known NYC Literary Agent Donald Maass. And no, I'm not pimping this book just because it's written by my agent. It's an awesome book. He gives a marvelous workshop based on this book, founded on his vast experience as an agent.

Bottom line, it is absolutely, positively worth your time.


  • Page 105: What Makes A Character Larger Than Life?

  • Page 153: High Moments, Turning Corners, Killing Characters

  • CHAPTER NINE:  Advanced Plot Structures

It takes you through brainstorming a breakout premise. It ushers you through ways to raise the stakes. It pushes you to see more possibilities within your story than you originally knew was there.

It makes you wiser to your craft, and thereby more accountable for the quality you put on the page. And that is what the business is about, creating a product for the voracious readers in this world. If you want to write, if you want to sell, this book has the techniques and information you need to add to your mental arsenal as you write.

I refer to it so often that it's one book that stays on my desk--not the bookshelf.


  1. my blog partner and I are looking to book interviews (15 minutes of your time) during DragonCon. We will be there all Friday and Saturday. Would you have time?
    JAMES R TUCK! this goes for you too and anyone else here who will be at DragonCon you can email me: sstogner1 at gmail dot com and as if being interviewed by Sheep wasn't incentive will get some Sheep swag including the famous zombie hunting permit and a moon pie.

  2. Absolutely!!! A zombie hunting permit is more incentive than a klondike bar!

  3. Not to get off topic, but....
    Happy Birthday, Allison!

  4. I *wish* I was going to be there! You all have big fun!

  5. I love that book!! I could read it a thousand times over. It is the best. but I don't have the workbook! I must get.

    Oh, and THANKS for taking my post! ...jk ;) I'll pull out something else....