Sunday, August 12, 2012

Finding In-Person Ways to Interact with Readers

I do most of my promo online.

Cause that's how I roll. I live out in the country, remote from my neighbors. I work from home for both the day job and for the writing. I love my online community - both for the interconnectedness that it provides, that I wouldn't otherwise have, and for the ability it affords me to walk away when I'm tired of it.

For an introvert - even a reasonably social one like me - this is a great thing.

This weekend, though, I'm reminded of the larger world of in-person interaction. My guy is graduating from acupuncture college today and my stepdaughter and grandkids (above) have been here since Friday. Lots of other family arrived yesterday. We're in a social whirlwind.

So, I'm sitting here thinking about this week's theme of "Promotion Resolutions: What I Don't Do Now that I Should Be Doing." And, though I go to conferences, I'm realizing I don't do as much in person as I could.

Now, I'm a big fan of doing exactly the kind of promo you like to do - or it comes off wrong. If someone tells me they hate Twitter, then I say, fine, don't do it. The only thing worse than not doing Twitter is doing it badly. Twitter works for me. Facebook less so, but I definitely like my profile page better than my author page - and I'm sure it shows. I do Goodreads, in a low-key way, and I blog - here and on the personal site (

It's difficult, with primarily digital books, to set up real life events. Bookstores want to to sell books. They can't really sell eBooks. So the whole thing piffles right there. But, back when I had a physical book to sell, the bookstore signings were never terribly well-attended.

On the other hand, the numbers show that the sci fi/fantasy crowd are slow to adopt eBooks, so meeting with them physically is likely the way to go.

So, that's my resolution - finding new and different ways to interact in person with readers. More than just conferences, different than the staid book signings of the past.

All ideas welcome!


  1. Good post. I would love it hear some ideas myself. Blogging and Twitter work best for me too. I've attended conventions (not as a guest author yet) and I know they help sales to a certain extent. Maybe volunteer at a charity event or organize something like a zombie walk. Get yourself seen and associated to good things like that.

  2. ooh, I like those ideas, Christine!

  3. A book signing in Groningen would be a really good way to meet readers *whistles innocently*

    Serously: I'm glad so many authors use twitter, blogger and things like that, because the in person meetings are just not an option for me *sigh*

  4. put on a seminar at a library. Something about your e publishing journey. I would think cons would be the best place to get exposure other than doing a blog tour. Start with blog of readers that are big fans of yours. Then ask them to recommend other blogs target readers that would like your work and reach out to them for a guest post/interview/review/spotlight post.

  5. That's a good point, Sullivan - in-person really isn't feasible for so many of you. Still, I'm totally up for the Dutch Tour!

    I think libraries are a really good idea, Sharon. I've been toying with that idea, myself. Thanks!