Monday, June 18, 2012


Ahhhh summer in GA when you are a big fella is kinda miserable. It's hot, it's humid, the days are long, and the bugs are mutant. But I do love the South and wouldn't really want to live permanently anywhere else. I just happen to like the Fall and Winter. But there is one thing that happens in the summer that the Tuck family looks forward to all year long....well, 3/4 of the Tuck family. That thing is DRAGONCON. Dragoncon is the Southeast's largest genre convention. It takes over whole city blocks in downtown Atlanta and turns Labor Day weekend into an endurance trial. There are 50,000 people who all show up and get their freak on and me and my family are right there with them. It's a chance to see costumes, wear costumes, buy your wardrobe for the year, meet people and hang out with awesome friends. Dragoncon is where me and Linda, my fellow word whore get to hang. I freaking love it and if you can, you should come down and join in the fun. It is the highlight of the year. Now I work it because of the writing and that impacts the amount of fanboy-ness I get to indulge in, but I love that too. Here are pics to show the awesome. Late night Werewolf panel where me, Linda Robertson, J F Lewis, and Stephen Swinarski acted like the rock stars we are. My son as a zombiefied hunter who was sad to be eating pizza instead of brains. Dragoncon is one of the few times a year that my loverly wife will wear jewelry in her septum piercing. Damn it is HOT! Conor as a ninja in a Warehouse 13 Dragoncon he was perfectly normal. This past year I got to moderate some panels including this one with Sara Canning from The Vampire Diaries (which I am a fan of) And you can round a corner and find things like this going on!

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  1. I thought I missed this, but then see it was posted LAST NIGHT. Okay, so now I don't feel so bad.

    I love Dragon*Con. I've been two years now, and will attend this year, too. My daughter dragged me the first year (I believe this year will be her tenth), but now I go willingly. It really is one crazy time!