Wednesday, June 20, 2012

do NOT put me in the water

I'm not a gremlin or anything, I just can't swim.

Additionally, since I am fair-skinned and burn easily, the lack of shade to be found on a boat that's out on the water makes it not-so-ideal either. I know, there's 50SPF and I slathered it on all last summer when I was on the back of my fella's bike (which is another activity that lacks shade).

So what CAN I do in the summer?

          I'm glad you asked. 

This has been a dilemma my whole life.

I have learned that the sun is an enemy. I've been called Casper. I've fought mightily against this foe. I tried tan-canning to build up a tolerance. The only darkening of my feeble pigment that I have ever experience  came last year on the Harley--in spite of the SPF 50. I had to use the color-adding lotions on my legs to not be ashamed to wear shorts.  

As a new homeowner, and an adult, I have accepted this enemy, accepted that I must apply a thick coating of armor before encountering this adversary or avoid him altogether. And I have found ways to have fun in spite of his heated presence.

So my summer fun includes:

* sitting on the covered patio writing

* sitting on the covered patio enjoying good company and a cook out

* sitting on the covered patio sippin on something cool and toasting the season

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