Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Show me the funny!

First, CONGRATS to sister word-whore, MARCELLA BURNARD on ENEMY MINE's release. HAPPY DANCE!!!

For my funnies, like Jeffe, Damn You Auto-Correct
is a favorite that leaves me in tears of laughter every time. EVERY time. Because of stuff like the image here...
on Damn You Auto Correct, it never ends. Some of it seems faked, but who cares. It's ridiculous.

I like to listen to the explicit comedy channel on at work. Since The hair hides ear buds quite effectively, people look at you funny when you're all alone and crack up for no apparent reason.

I'm a sucker for Chuck jokes. I know so many by heart that when I start...well, most people walk away groaning now.

At least, I hope it's because of the jokes...


  1. DYAC rules! (I do hate the fakey ones, though...)

  2. "Chuck Norris doesn't write books the words assemble themselves in fear." --

    Think we can borrow him? I've a chapter in need of an ass-kicking.

  3. Yes kak, we could borrow him but be warned, he doesnt open a can of kick ass, he opens a water tower of kick ass.