Friday, April 6, 2012

It's All About the LOL

Websites I go to for the funny. Easy. LOLCats wins. Paws down. Yep. Geek, crazy cat lady, and sorry, just not that hip. It's a curse.
Maybe you have to be a cat person to appreciate the original LOLCats site (which really is mostly cats). But now, there's a LOL site for just about everyone. Just remember, if you click on the Poorly Dressed tab - What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Two Lumps used to be one of my favorites and I still visit the site from time to time, but at some point, a writer who intends to make her deadlines has to stop screwing around on the interwebs, yes? It's no longer a daily addiction, but here:

 Then there are the geek jokes. Oh. Yeah, that's right. This is all 100% geek-fodder, isn't it? Oh, well. Like Jeffe, I too, have a fondness for XKCD - there's a stip about that childhood game we all played - Bloody Mary - perhaps it's telling that it's a strip that amuses me to no end. I was apparently unduly affected by that game. But tell me. When you get up in the middle of the night to pee, do you avoid looking in the bathroom mirror??

This one hurts to laugh at because I was once the poor sod with the pager who got paged at 2am because some self-important git would pull this crap. In my defense, I never had to be escorted out of any of the buildings by security - but it may have been a near thing. This is only funny now because there's a decade between me and my last pager duty shift. My husband, who is a programmer, finds it annoyingly entertaining.
Finally. Stories. These are the websites that have no photos - they're the stories people tell about their experiences. The stories have a slow-spread viral quality and you run across them by happy accident when someone sends you an email or posts it to some social media and you're bored enough to click through. This one is the great Squirrel Versus Man on Motorcycle story. Read it and weep with laughter. I do. Which, again, may say far more about me than about what's actually funny.


  1. Zomg, "I test in production."

    ~falls out of chair laughing~

  2. Oh good. I'm not completely alone in my lack of sanity.

  3. LOLcats is awesome. But the associate site that usually has me laughing so hard I'm crying is 'Puns, Puns, Puns!' Yes, I have that sense of humor. Lucky for me, so does the Hubs. =o)

  4. LOLCats is my favourite site ever. I love it!