Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daily Laughs

by Jeffe Kennedy

This week is for telling you about our favorite websites for laughs. Since today is April Fool's day, I was thisclose to posting all the really disturbing sites out there, like anti-birth control forums.

Then I decided that is just not funny on any level.

So, I'm playing it (more or less) straight. I have a folder in my Favorites called "Dailies." These are the sites I visit every day, if I can, that nearly always make me smile.

(I'm leaving out all the advice columns I also click on daily, because those aren't really for laughs. Those are more so I can gossip about people's life choices with sister INTJ Laura Bickle.)

I led off with XKCD, above. It's described as A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. I love that I have to think about it sometimes, before I get the joke.

I've been reading Cathy for a lot of my adult life and she still makes me laugh. Cathy Guisewite has retired it now, but they're recycling all the ones from the 80s. Which are surprisingly still pretty damn accurate.
I read Heather Armstrong religiously. Ha! that's a joke - if you read her blog, you'll get it. The post I linked to with her pic is a good example. (All of the pics and comics are linked to the sites, for your acquisition pleasure."

Ah, Doonesbury - another lifelong pleasure. Just when I think I'm the only one wondering about how absurd things have gotten, Trudeau does a strip on it. Thank you.

I tried to grab just one panel of Questionable Content, but no dice. It will be too small to read - just click to go to the site. This one is a serial story, so you kind of have to get into it before the real funny emerges. Totally worth it. (And no - it's not always on a space station. That's just the recent thread.)A day without Damn You Autocorrect is a day without sunshine. All from the mistakes people make with the predictive text on smartphones. Priceless.

I admit it - I love to rubberneck at the fashion fails on Poorly Dressed People of the World. Maybe it's more of a grimace sometimes than a laugh. But wow. Just wow.

Finally, my new very favorite: The Moment Junkie. They won't let me swipe their pics, so you have to go look. It's all wedding photos, and it's more of an "Awwww" experience than a laugh, but it's so wonderful to see people being emotional in a joyful way. Love, love, love to visit this site.

Now I'm looking forward to the rest of the week, to see what I need to add to my folder!


  1. Oh, I can't believe what you have done to me with this dooce site!!! I'm so intrigued with it!!

    Hey, great post. Loving that you included Cathy!!!

  2. Oh, gods. The XKCD site. You've caused me to lose days to that awesomeness. The "Random" button should be labeled "Time Suck."

  3. Carolyn, Dooce is the blogger I aspire to be. She's one of the few to make her living doing it. I think she's just amazing. And Cathy might be just too dated for some, but she's my girl!

    Sorry KAK - but you're right, that random button is like crack. I forgot to tell people to mouse over for the "extra" punchline, too!