Saturday, April 21, 2012

Across the pond!

Nooooo! Marcella took my #1 non-US show, Sherlock. Oh, Sherlock, how I love you. Or actually your show, not specifically you, no offense. Well, I love you as a character, but you are a bit difficult! In only the best, most entrancing TV show way.

~ahem: Quick transition out of that verbal wormhole.

Actually, I want to do a quick appreciation of Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson - I am just so freaking amazed at his beautiful, nuanced performances. He is so very much that Watson character, kind of long-suffering, but with a secret fire of his own. Are you people watching it? 

Okay, but there is another show I'm fond of, and that is the notorious Downton Abbey. Not quite as swashbuckling a pick as those my esteemed comrades have turned in, but delicious all the same. 

Downton Abbey follows the fortunes of the Crawley family and their staff of servants during the years leading up to World War 1, and then the second season spans World War 1. It's just captivating. Above, one of the Crawley girls and her fightin-Irish chauffer at a dangerous political rally!

As somebody who enjoys historical novels, I love getting this panoramic understanding of an English country estate, with story lines featuring the lowliest kitchen maids all the way up to the Earl, and seeing those stories intersect. 

There are great characters and one particularly fabulous footman-villain! Here he is above, getting pummeled by another servant, a very nice fellow whom he pushed too far. 

Picking this is a little bit of a cheat because it's a joint production of PBS and BBC. I was actually thinking it would be kind of  hilarious if it was totally an American made show and I picked it, like I thought it was non-US because of the subject matter. Well, it would've been funny in my mind! 

Happy Saturday, everybody!


  1. Funny - because my first thought was, is she sure Downton Abbey is a UK show? Made it by the skin on your nose! This was a particularly difficult topic to be last on - well done!

  2. I do love the Dowager's one-liners. So sad she's leaving the show.